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Episode 042 – CNFA 2015 Results + Tie your tie + Officials Topic+ I want my Tesla

Episode recorded on 08.04.2015

Another week CNfA 2015 is over and along with Alex we discuss the results of the games.

Certainly the most controversial from our point of view is the tie between teams in Bucharest. After their game played on Saturday 4th of April, Bucharest Warriors and Bucharest rebels tied their game with a score of 12 points for each.

The controversy on this result is the fact of using NCAA rules and that attack series on overtime should have been run. The argument mentioned by Officials is that since the season is done by home/away games is ok to have a tie although there’s really no record of this kind of agreement and in fact since 2012 was talked that we should not have tied games.

In the second game, we, Crusaders, won our game against the Timisoara 89ers with a score of 29-13. Though game but we manage to start strong, by the end of the game they were able to try to come back scoring 2 touchdowns and an extra point.

We also talk a bit the good and the bad of the Officials in our game, some very obvious penalty not called, but also a very good call they had.

We agree that all teams need more preparation and knowledge about officiating and rules, because although they are not officials, is important to know how they manage their mechanics so we will have less and less controversy specially since still today lot of player invoke rules that they see on NFL, which doesn’t apply at all to us and just shows the lack of preparation in rules, that NFL and video games will never provide.

This and more in today’s episode!

PS: We expect our Tesla cars delivered! (Listen to the end to find out why!)


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